Student responsibility

Dear Parents,

There are so many times that students will blame you for what they don't have in school. Did you know that? Yes! You guys become the scapegoat for anything that goes wrong. For instance:

    Teacher: Where is your homework, Carl?

    Student: Oh, my mom had to go somewhere yesterday after school and I couldn't do my homework.

FYI parents, homework is a very important tool that students use to gain practice and arrive at academic proficiency. There are not enough hours in the day for the teacher to practice all the lessons (past and present) with students, so homework is sent home for practice. If your child is not brining home homework, the please create some form of practice. Put the responsibility on the student at all costs. It is neither the teacher nor the parent's responsibility to see that it is completed. However, we get into murky waters when there is either no homework, or if the homework is not at the appropriate instructional level.  That being said, now you know what homework is supposed to look like and who is supposed to be doing it. 

Have a fantastic snow day,

Dr. Collins