Great for literacy programs...

Students identify with the main characters in each book and see themselves in the stories. This is important because good readers make connections while they are reading and this helps them to comprehend what they are reading.

Purposely selected and challenging vocabulary words are used in each story so that students can increase the number of words that they know and learn how to use them proficiently. Research shows that students need to keep reading so that they can keep increasing their vocabulary.

...and spiritual development

It is so important to spend time talking with God and studying His Word. The new devotional book provides ways to become more dedicated and consistent with devotions.


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Dr. Tricia Collins grew up in Kingston, Jamaica but migrated to the United States in her early twenties. She is a seasoned educator with more than eighteen years classroom experience. The fascinating imagination of her students has inspired her to write more books. Dr. Collins hopes that her writing will motivate her students to write as well.

She shares that as a school teacher, it is so heartwarming when students from every grade stop her in the hallway to tell her how much they enjoy her books. "I’ve had responses from 'I love that little girl in your books' to 'Was that book about you?'”.

She goes on to share that she is happy that her writing has had this effect on children because that was precisely the result that she was looking for. She believes that it means that she has to get back to work to keep writing more books to keep children reading...and not just reading, but enjoying what they are reading as well.

The devotional book, Prayings have become a very precious item to Dr. Collins. She has been writing devotionals for a few years now and is finally putting them into books because it will reach more believers. "It gives me the opportunity to evangelize. It is an honor," she says.

  • A well written book on why kids are so funny. Good bedtime reading for small kids. Every parent of small kids will enjoy reading this book to their kids.
    — Egbert Farquharson (Retired pharmaceutical executive)
    Re: I'm Not Showing My Dimples Anymore
  • I could read it all by myself. Yes!!
    And it was good.
    — JP (8 years old)
    Re: I'm Not Showing My Dimples Anymore
  • The man in the story does the same thing as my dad. My dad always has some story or the other. The book was good, Dr. Collins.
    — TF (9 years old)
    Re: Officer Johnson's day
  • I think they come from Dr. Collins’s experiences of dealing with children all day. She is obviously trying to convince readers to be nice to others no matter what.
    — Natalie Lewis (teacher)
    Re: I'm Not Showing My Dimples Anymore
  • This book shows my son that he needs to find ways to solve his problems.
    Thanks Dr. Collins!!!
    — Yolanda D.
    Re: The Boy Who Loved Donuts
  • This book is a fun and entertaining read for all ages! It provides a great chance for parents and children to enjoy the story and even discuss patience. Great for independent reading and sharing with children. Be sure to have some doughnuts ready to enjoy for after reading!
    — Lisa Hall (educator)
    Re: The Boy Who Loved Donuts
  • I must have read this book to my son about 10 times in 2 months. He loves it. Sometimes I have to hide it so that he will select a different one. I can’t win. But the book is really good though, so I don’t mind reading it to him. #obsessed
    — Warren H.
    Re: The Girl Who Was Afraid
  • The book is in some parts like me because I am afraid of thunder too. I would let my friends stay at my house too if there was a disaster.
    — Tia (9 years old)
    Re: The Girl Who Was Afraid

Responses to devotions from the new devotional book, Prayings:

Amen Doc, what an awesome devotion
— Tara Green
God wants us to depend on His strength, not our own. Great message, thanks much for sharing. Have a wonderful peaceful Sunday. :-)
— Nadja Lewis
GM. Congrats on the publication of your devotional. I am so happy for you. Those devotionals are good stuff, they taste like manna from heaven. I have to share them from time to time with my WhatsApp contacts #2good2keep2myself
— Maxine Johnson
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