Getting ready for school

If you are not excited about the 'back to school' craze, then you may as well do so now.....because back to school time is here. Make sure that you check your child's school district's or school website so that you are on point with the correct first day for students.

Please make an effort to get student supplies now while they are on sale. Even if teachers have not yet given you a supply list, I can tell you that all students will need pencils, pens, composition or note books, loose leaf paper, index cards, a pencil case, a book bag, and....oh yes, every teacher's dream - facial tissue and hand sanitizer now, and some more January. Help your child to be prepared so that on the first day of school they are ready to perform. 

One more thing: set aside a quiet place at home for homework. We've all heard the saying that practice makes perfect. Well it's true! Research shows that homework practice is an effective way to help students to become experts at a particular skill. 

Walk good (it means 'keep well' in Jamaican culture),

Dr. Collins