Cute As Ever!

I have the pleasure of teaching the most adorable Kindergarten students on this planet. They melt my heart every single day. Their wrong shoe on the wrong foot wearing, "I'm is!" saying, is enough to melt anyone's heart. You should see these students! They work hard. They always aim to please and they never give up...because I won't let them!  I have already convinced them that they are going to college. They are now in the midst of learning an inspirational poem that helps them to remember just how wonderful they are:

     I am a smart, special, and valuable person

     I respect myself and I respect others

     My words and actions are kind and honest

     I accept ONLY my best in all that I do

     I am proud to be me!


I am so happy that I have a job where I am loved and and where I can love right back...unconditional love. 

Loving my cuties,

Dr. Collins