An Encounter of the Student Kind

Dear Parents, People, Readers,

I think I have the best job on earth. Teaching can be so rewarding. Students see me all over the globe (my oldest child says that I taught the world) and take the initiative to say hello. I was jogging two days ago when a car pulled over and someone yelled, "Dr. Collins!!!" They recognized me from behind (yeah, creepy, I know) and their parents pulled over and let me give a hug through the back door window. It turns out the child was one of my most hard working, the best behaved, and most diligent third grade students that I have ever had - - but she had some emotional issues that I helped her through. We would sit and have lunch together many a day, discussing things that bothered her. Thank God she was willing to speak about them. There are students that I will never reach because they do not know how to express what they are feeling. I am just blessed to see students many years later, and see how well they are progressing. I look forward to the next student encounter.

Have a great day readers!

Dr. Collins